Probably the strangest thing I've ever worked on, "Grabby Grabby Plushy Plushy" is a physics based action game loosely based around crane machines you find in arcades. I'd wanted to work on a game with a physics engine and my other half wanted to help me make a game so she created all of the art and I worked on the game.

Grabby Grabby Plushy Plushy on Xbox Marketplace


  • Very different
It was interesting to work on this game as it was very different to anything i'd tried to make before.
  • Level editor
This was the first game I wrote that featured a level editor inside the game engine, allowing the levels to be designed and exported to xml which in turn could be imported into the engine.


  • Slightly Buggy physics
I had great trouble with the physics engine as a few annoying bugs appeared which were difficult to solve. Due to the layout of the crane objects had a habit of getting stuck inside the arms. This lead to me doing a few slightly hacky fixes as I didn't have access to the physics engines code.

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