Grow your own Telvanni Towers

One of the first mod's I ever released for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, It allowed the player to grow massive Telvanni Towers anywhere in the world. At the time I knew no programming languages and taught myself how to write scripts in the Morrowind scripting language (which is similar to Basic mixed with C).
The mod got a good reaction with it still being downloaded 4 years after release. 

Project 22

After working on Morrowind scripts I found that I really enjoyed programming. When the Half Life 2 SDK was released I downloaded it on day one and got to work learning C++ using the Half Life 2 code base.
I created a Death match mod for Half Life 2 called "Project 22", which implemented random and silly weapons into the Half Life 2 engine.
My personal favourite was replacing the Manhack model with a pigeon, which resulted in swarms of pigeons mauling people.
The mod never really took off, however I learnt alot while making it.

 Kreedz Climbing

Having worked on Half life 2 mods for about a year I found that Kreedz Climbing was looking for a programmer. They had a few artists and level designers but had never found a programmer who could commit to the project.

The artists and level designers had been working on content for over a year when I got on board and within a month I had got the first beta release ready for shipping.
However I ran into some troubles with the source engine, Kreedz Climbing is basically a racing first person platform game where you jump platform to platform. The source engine had toubles with the predictive movement when you jumped along a wall where the engine would interpolate you into the wall and then you'd lose all momentum. For most source games this is a minor bug but this was a large problem for Kreedz Climbing.
I set about trying to fix this error however it was so deeply involved with the engine I was unable to fix it without completely rewriting the movement code.
I set about doing this however at the point I had no formal training in games development and I quickly got in over my head. The timing of this was also bad as I was studying for my A level exams at the same time.
I decided that this problem was too great for me at the time and stepped aside for someone more experienced to handle it.
It was some time later that I learned that the error had been fixed and that it took one of Valves developers to do it.

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