My first Xbox live Indie game was a space shooter called "Roid Riot" 
Roid riot on Xbox Marketplace


  • Area based Entity management system
The game world was split into cubic sections, with collision checks handled only between objects in the same sectors.
  •  Instanced rendering
The asteroids all use the same model which is instanced, allowing a lot more to be drawn on-screen.

  • Xbox Live multiplayer duels
Players could face off online against each other.


  • Poor single player mode
Single player was poorly designed and due to the trial experence only allowing single player it effected sales.
This in turn meant that very few people ever played multiplayer.
  • Warp hack
Due to the area based system the player was confined in a small area, attempt were made to wrap the player movement however without the warp effect it was disorientating.

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